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Finance Committee

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  1. The Finance Committee shall consist of the following namely:-
    1. The Vice-Chancellor;
    2. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor;
    3. Three persons to be nominated by the Executive Council, out of whom at least one shall be a member of the Executive Council; and
    4. Three persons to be nominated by Visitor.
  2. Five members of the Finance Committee shall form a quorum for a meeting of the Finance Committee.
  3. All the members of the Finance Committee other than Ex-officio members shall hold office for a term of three years.
Members of the Finance Committee
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Prof A. K. Singh Vice- Chancellor, University of Allahabad
2 Prof Furqan Qamar Vice- Chancellor, Central University of Himachal Pradesh
3 Prof Pradeep Bhargava Director, G.B. Pant Institute of Social Sciences
4 Shri Anugrah Narayan Singh Member, Executive Council
5 Shri Yogendra Tripathi Joint Secretary and Financial Advisor, MHRD, New Delhi
6   Joint Secretary (CU & L), MHRD, New Delhi
7   Joint Secretary (CU), UGC, New Delhi
8 Shri P. K. Singh Finance Officer, University of Allahabad (Non-member Secretary)
9 Prof B. P. Singh Registrar, University of Allahabad (Special Invitee)