Dear Faculty Members,

On the occasion of Teachers’ Day I greet and express my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for your passion and efforts towards enabling learning and inspiring the young mind.

Your role as a visionary architect of a noble mission earns you universal respect. The world benefits immensely from your endeavours that break down barriers and commune with the student's soul. Your indefatigable energies work as a force multiplier influencing thousands of students coming into your contact.

It is only appropriate that you richly deserve encomiums for your relentless pursuit of truth and idealism and your onward march towards its realization - undeterred by prejudices and parochial considerations.

The University remains steadfast to its resolve in providing an atmosphere in which you optimize your professional capabilities of how best you can mould the future of our young generation.

I wish you the very best of everything in your endeavour to give the highest priority to the pursuit of academic excellence, your future enterprise and fulfillment of your cherished ideals and goals.

Anil K. Singh

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