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“I feel proud and feel privileged to say that I am a student of Dr. J.D. Tewari. I am the follower and admirer of the norms and principles of Dr. Tewari, to which he never compromised. I am very lucky to have such a person as my Guru and I worship him like a God.”  Prof. P.C. Gupta, Ex-Head Department of Chemistry

Dr. Jammuna Datt Tewari was born on 23rd September 1899 in a small village of Almora. He was the only son of Late. Sri. Nanda Ballabh Tewari a Conservator of forest of the Komaoun Hills during the British Rule. He completed his primary education at his village under the kind guidance of Sri Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Ji. After his primary education at Almora, he insisted his parents for higher education at Allahabad. Here at Allahabad, he completed his studies and was groomed as an outstanding scholar of Organic Chemistry. He was the first and last Indian to receive his D.Sc. degree after completing his M.Sc. in Chemistry.

Those were the days when he was known as the Moving Encyclopedia of Organic Chemistry. He was an excellent teacher and was very close to his students. He had maintained the tradition of teacher and taught relations till his death on 2th September, 1981.

He possessed a very sharp brain and a deep-rooted interest in Astrology, Philosophy, Sanskrit and Photography. Due to his interest in Photography he established a small studio and a darkroom in his room in the Chemistry Department. Having a vast knowledge of Chemistry and deep inclination towards this wonderful medium of conversation he started playing with the Technical aspects, sensitive material and chemical reactions related to Photography.

Dr. Tewari persuaded some teachers of like taste, namely Prof. Gorakh Prasad, Prof. Saligram  Bhargava, and Prof. Mitre. In the year 1936 they started a One-Year Certificate course in Photography.

In the year 1938 when the Certificate course was well established, these four stalwarts did not sit idly, they went a step ahead and introduced a one year advance course in Photography and was named as Diploma in Photography, which was highly appreciated by the entire University family.

Dr. Gorakh Prasad was looking after the theoretical side of the subject, Dr. S. L. Bhargava was incharge of the Physics part of the subject, Dr. Tewari was looking after the Chemistry of Photography and Prof. Mittre was responsible for the artistic side of the subjects. Some of the students of Dr. Tewari who are very well placed all over the country and abroad are, Prof. Murli Manohar mhk9chi, Prof. S. K. mhk9chi, Prof. Anand Lal Misra, Prof. R. C. Mehrotra, Prof. R. D. Tewari, Prof. Swami Satya Prakash, Prof. R. C. Kapoor, Prof. B. C. mhk9chi, Prof. C.S.Pandey, Prof.  B. K. Avasthi, Prof Krishna Ji, Prof. Shyam Lal Srivastava, Dr. D.S. Bhakuni, Dr. S. D. Lohiwal, Sri. Gopal Sparoop Pathak, Sri. Dharma Vira, Dr. Kailash Chandra Pandey and many others.

And thus the existence of the Photography under Physics Department took shape.

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