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Established in 1926, the department of Music acquired a distinctive identity within the discipline of Music Vocal/Sitar/Tabla and Musicology. With its inception in 1926, the music association of the University of Allahabad started with the President Dr. Tara Chand and Dr. D.R. Bhattacharya as its Vice-President. The department started with instruction in diploma courses of music and in 1950, Music was accepted as one of the optional subject in B.A.. Postgraduate teaching in Vocal and Sitar started in 1974 and Tabla in 1997. Besides certificate courses in the junior and senior diploma of music are included in the curriculum, several students for last 20 years have been awarded D.Phil. degrees under the supervision of qualified staff.

The Department has a glorious tradition of musical conferences and activities which go back to 1926 when the first Music Conference was attended by renowned musicians at Vajayanagram Hall in the Muir Central College. The chain of conferences held in 1930, 31, 32, 34, 35 was revived again in 1980, 84, 85 when a galaxy of reputed artists performed at Senate Hall of Allahabad University. Over the years the department has seen many fruitful prosperous years. The highlights of Department are briefly put up here.

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  1. Academics: The department offers the following courses:
    1. B.A. with Music as an optional subject in the Disciplines of Vocal/Sitar/Tabla.
    2. M.A. (Music) Vocal/Sitar/Tabla.
    3. D.Phil.
    4. Junior and Senior Diploma in Music.
  2. Equal emphasis is now being laid on both theoretical knowledge and practical orientation to music.
  3. The Library of the department has no. of books, cassettes, records, sound system and electronic gadgets like Video, Audio System, T.V. and so on.
  4. Infrastructure Build up : Due to the persistent efforts of the former Head Prof. U.S. Kochak the department is housed in a sufficiently large modern building. The new auditorium is under construction.

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