Adayana's Collaboration with University of Allahabad

Adayana has started a joint venture with University of Allahabad through its Institute of Professional Studies that has made it the first University in India to launch the concept of e-learning, by taking the initiative which aims at bridging the gap between formal education and employability. Adayana Workforce Development solutions comprising of Adayana's Career Alignment Test using MAPP™ and WSP, is completely geared for employability preparedness to an entry-level workforce. Adayana was among the earliest Human Capital Management companies to realize the need for providing technology based skill development solutions to bridge the gap between skills expected by employers and skills found in youth today, in a cost, time and reach effective manner.
Motivational Appraisal Of Personal Potential (MAPP™) 

MAPP™ is a unique online assessment tool that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their educational and career potential. MAPP™ consists of 71 triads of three statements and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. MAPP report offers detailed information about student's motivations toward work and career areas that would be a good fit for them. More than 6 million people worldwide have taken the MAPP™ assessment. MAPP™ has gone through extensive validity and reliability studies and is used by jobseekers, companies, schools, workforce centers and coaches. MAPP™ can help the student to explore career options, assess learning style/s and find careers that fit their motivations.

WorkSkills Program (WSP)

The WorkSkills Program is a 6 month program which has been designed by keeping in mind the general foundation skills that everyone needs to have in order to survive and succeed in today's globalized workplaces. The WSP is spread over 14 courses and 83 modules, which are all covered under the six sets, viz, How Do You Learn How to Learn, English for Success, Computers in Workplaces, Winning a Good Job, Making Progress in The Job, and Advancing in Your Career. The program integrates seamlessly into the existing setup of colleges and universities as it only requires a computer lab with broadband connectivity. This makes it completely different from other initiatives for employability preparation. Students can learn interactively at their own pace in their free time, without needing to take the help of a classroom instructor. It is an end-to-end solution that encompasses curriculum design, enrolment, course learning materials, assessment and finally, certification.

Benefits to Students

  • Create awareness of student's inherent motivations, preferences, and aspirations.
  • Student will be work-ready by the time he/she completes his/her academic curriculum.
  • Enable make considered and educated career choices.
  • Gear learning to performance at today's workplaces.
  • Guides to enroll in the appropriate job oriented training programs.
  • Cut traditional learning barriers such as time, distance, language and cost.
  • Formal education will be complemented by addition of a layer of skills and knowledge that prepare graduates for employment.
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