Univeristy Science Instrumentation Centre

Brief history of evolution:

The establishment of USIC was initiated by the Government of India, Ministry of Education in the year 1954 to set up a central workshop under the supervision of the then renowned Professor K Banerji. This central workshop (CW) was elevated to Central Instrumentation Complex (CIC) in the year 1980 by the UGC. In 1984 the UGC again elevated the CIC to the USIC level-II. In 1991 the executive council of the University of Allahabad amalgamated the CW, CIC and USIC into one single unit of the Faculty of Science to be known as USIC.



(i) To provide services as a central user facility to the students, staff and faculty of departments/ schools/ Centres of the University, affiliated colleges and Health-Care Centres etc. for fabrication, development, installation, maintenance and repair of instruments, PCs, peripherals, specialized instruments/ equipments, teaching aids/gadgets.

(ii) To organize short term courses and hands on training programme for the students/staff in the field of instrumentation.


Strength of Students:

Number of students, scholars and departments using the facilities of the Centre at a time is 90 plus and 30 plus respectively.

USIC is a central facility department for workshop services and training of students of all user departments of University and affiliated institution. It help students to practice, design fabricate and develop various gadgets, instruments and systems.

Present and Future Planning:

(i) To upgrade and modernize the existing facilities (viz. machine shop, electronic shop, carpentary shop, computer based system maintenance shop, controlled temperature system shop) to serve the basic objectives and routine responsibilities of USIC as per UGC guidelines.

(ii) To diversify its infrastructure to meet out and cope up with ever-growing demands of research, development, teaching, learning and dissemination of knowledge by adding CNC/CAD/CAM, mC, embedded systems, biomedical instrumentation and short tem training facilities.

Heads of USIC (CW, CIC, USIC)

  1. Founder Head: Prof. K. Banerji
  2. Prof. S. N. Ghosh
  3. Prof. M. S. Bisht
  4. Er. Girish Chandra
  5. Present Head: Dean, Faculty of Science

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