The Institute of Gandhian Thought and Peace Studies, University of Allahabad was created in 1975 as an extension of the growing and blossoming of the activities of Gandhi Bhawan which having been established in 1961 completes 47 years of its existence dedicated to the cause of disseminating the message of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian nation.


             Mahatma Gandhi’s life was his message. The message of his life continues to inspire individuals, nations and the world. We draw inspiration and strength from the ideals which Gandhi served and for which he gave his life. He demonstrated through his thought and action that adherence to those ideals is must for furthering the cause of peace and cooperation. Gandhi is the only contemporary political thinker who is well recognized universally. The immediate purpose of Gandhian ideology was to liberate the country from the shackles of foreign bondage; and its ultimate aim was to develop a vibrant society so that freedom, when attained, could be real and meaningful. While evolving his doctrines Mahatma Gandhi was without illusions, he remained practical; and in social and political life, his ideas were marked by realism in a true way. At the same time, Mahatma Gandhi had a good judgement of future needs of the country; he was,indeed, a man of vision. He had looked ahead and formulated the shape of society that ought to be in a free India. The mixture of the qualities of realism and far-sightedness in his ideology was an outstanding contribution of Mahatma Gandhi. For the purpose of studying the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi, a scheme was launched to create centres of Gandhian studies. As a result Gandhi Bhawan came into existence in a few universities. University of Allahabad took initiative to start Gandhi Bhawan on its campus thereby facilitating and promoting the study of Gandhian thought and peace study.

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