Head, Department of Physics, AU
Mr. Mukul Jaiswal and Mr. Gulshan Kumar Upadhyay Physics Department, AU selected in top 1% students in NGPE exam
National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE) is an examination conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers. (IAPT) every year. In the examination graduate level physics students from different institution and Universities of India participate. In 2019, 11372 graduate students participated in the NGPE.
The main aim of this examination is to provide a better platform to graduate students who have interest in physics as a carrier of science research. This year, the exam was conducted in Department of Physics, University of Allahabad on 20.01.2019. Two students Mr. Mukul Jaiswal and Mr. Gulshan Kumar Upadhyay from B.Sc. III secured place in the top 1% students of Uttar Pradesh for this they were awarded with certificates from IAPT. Manish Kumar (B.Sc. III), Shubham Mishra (B.Sc. III), Shivam Singh, Prafull Kumar, Sahitya Shivhare (B.Sc. III) were also declared successful in the examination at centre at the Allahabad Centre. The above information was provided by centre co-ordinator Prof. V.K. Tiwari. Head, Physics Department Prof. A.K. Rai and all the teachers congratulate the students for their success