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 Hostel SSL

Residential facilities are available to students in University Hostels (maintained and managed by the University) and Recognised Hostels (maintained and managed by Private Trusts, and recognised by the University). The Dean of Students Welfare has a general co-ordinating, monitoring and advisory role in respect of the Hostels. 

The Hostels have, in general, provisions for a Common Room (with a stage and various recreational amenities), Libraries and Reading Rooms, Dining Halls and Lawns as well as facilities for indoor games and playing fields/courts for outdoor games, and seek to provide facilities, opportunities and ambience for a vibrant corporate life and creative self-expression for their members, which include the resident students as well as non-resident Attached students. The Hostels also have provisions for elected or nominated student office-bearers (such as the General Secretary, the Social Secretary, the Library Secretary, etc) and nominated student Prefects. From the Session 1999-2000, admissions to the University Men’s and Women’s Hostels have been centralised, while the recognised Hostels have continued with their own procedures for admission. The resident and attached students are governed by prescribed Rules.

Of the ten University Hostels, six are for men, three for women and one (the International House) for Foreign (male) students. Each University Hostel is under the overall supervision of a Warden and is administered (except for the International House) by a Superintendent. There is provision for one Assistant Superintendent as well for each of the University Women’s Hostels. The Wardens and Superintendents are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, with the approval of the Executive Council, from amongst the serving teachers of the University. The Assistant Superintendents (if any) are appointed by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of the Warden, also from amongst the serving teachers of the University.

The six Recognised Hostels include three Halls (i. e. Hostels which are empowered to provide Tutorial instruction to their inmates, and are therefore also called University Colleges, as distinct from the Associated Colleges). Each Hall has a Principal (who is often also the Warden of the residential wing) and a Superintendent (who may be chosen, though not mandatorily, from amongst the teachers of the University. The other Recognised Hostels have a Warden and a Superintendent each, who are not necessarily University teachers. A new University Hostel for male students of professional Post-graduate courses and Research programmes (the Narendra Deva Shatabdi Hostel) is in an advanced stage of construction, and a new residential facility, proposed for the UGC Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences (under the Scheme for Identifying Universities with Potential for Excellence) will include units for Post-graduate and research students of the Centre.

List of Hostels
Boys Girls
Amaranatha Jha Hostel Priya Darshini Hostel
Diamond Jubilee Hostel Shatabdi Girls Hostel
Sir G. N. Jha Hostel Sarojini Naidu Hostel
International Hostel Kalpana Chawala Hostel
Sir P. C. B. Hostel Mahadevi Verma Girl's Hostel
Sir Sunder Lal Hostel
Dr. Tara Chand Hostel
Sir Radha Krishnan Boys Hostel
Shatabdi Boys Hostel