University of Allahabad
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Mission & Vision

University of Allahabad


  • We believe in purpose beyond profit of educating young minds in diverse fields.
  • To have a feedback system to ensure that best of new knowledge is imparted in young minds.
  • We believe in cutting edge research for the fast changing world.
  • To foster creativity and entrepreneurship in multiple ways.
  • To foster a clear vision and a sense of direction.
  • We are in the business of preserving and improving human life.
  • To be a role model and a place of social change.
  • To give unlimited opportunity to women.
  • To help people with physical impairments realise their full potential.
  • We wish to pursue dynamic activity in technology and production for the reconstruction of the nation.
  • To apply the advanced technology to the life of general public.
  • The evolutionary process is like branching and pruning. We continue to prune the dead wood. We are more likely to evolve a collection of healthy branches well positioned to prosper in an ever changing healthy environment.


  • We as an institution exist to make a collective contribution to society by fostering inclusive growth, sharing knowledge and help our students build a better world.
  • Our working conditions clean and orderly.
  • The stakeholders have an organised system of feedback and redress.
  • Department heads should be fair minded apart from being qualified.
  • Each faculty member is considered an individual standing on his own dignity and merit.
  • Our management should have a strong common sense with full understanding.
  • We support Charity.We must maintain in good order the property we are given to use.
  • Basic honesty and integrity are core values which should be an integral part of each employees character.
  • Self governance ,self discipline and continuous self improvement is our motto.
  • Celebrations that reinforce successes, belonging and specialness. Awards, contests and public recognition to those who display great effort consistent with ideology.
    Tangible and visible penalties to those who break ideological boundaries.
  • Orientation programs to foster practical content and pedagogy.
  • We promote start ups and innovation.
  • We have to do well today and also build for the future.