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Tentative Schedule for the programmes session 2023-2024
GURU-DAKSHTA : Faculty Induction Programme (FIP)

(Online / Hybrid Mode)

Sr. No. Induction Programme(s) Tentative Schedule* Link of the Programme

13th GURU-DAKSHTA Faculty Induction Programme

01.09.2023 to 30.09.2023 Completed

14thGURU-DAKSHTA Faculty Induction Programme

09.10.2023 to 07.11.2023 Completed

15th GURU-DAKSHTA Faculty Induction Programme

27.11.2023 to 24.12.2023 Completed

16th GURU-DAKSHTA Faculty Induction Programme   

22.01.2024 to 18.02.2024 https://forms.gle/noLkfNmpZpaVKtd59
  • Refresher Course(s) of 2 Weeks duration
    (Online / Hybrid Mode)

  • Subject specific Refresher Course (S.R.C.)

Sr. No. Subject  Tentative schedule* Link of the Programme
1 Sanskrit (Sanskritic Studies) 15.12.2023 to 28.12.2023 Completed
2 Quality perspectives in Education and
Teacher Education
26.08.2023 to 08.09.2023 Completed

Music and Performing Arts

24.08.2023 to 06.09.2023 Completed
4. Commerce and Business Administration 14.12.2023 to 27.12.2023 Completed

English (Literature and Social Change)

20.11.2023 to 03.12.2023 Completed
6. Political Science 04.12.2023 to 17.12.2023 Completed
7. Psychology 05.12.2023 to 18.12.2023 Completed


09.02.2024 to 22.02.2024 https://forms.gle/6cGhvMBz1TJLt4cZ9

Inter / Multi–disciplinary Refresher Course (2 Weeks)

(Online / Hybrid Mode)

1 Research Methodology in Social Sciences 18.11.2023 to 01.12.2023 Completed
2 Digital Eco-system and E-governance 26.02.2024 to 11.03.2024 https://forms.gle/JV9beVnyPCJ5Quik7
3 Gender Sensitization, Soft Skills and
Academic Professional Development
Postponed https://forms.gle/18FueDPYMe2wUU1S9
4 Research issues in Teacher Education 18.12.2023 to 31.12.2023 Completed
5 Climate Change and Human Health 08.01.2024 to 21.01.2024 Closed
6 Disaster Management Postponed https://forms.gle/UreJZ5wrsazZjS8C7
7 Indigenous Knowledge System,
Sustainability and Inclusive Development
18.01.2024 to 31.01.2024 https://forms.gle/a5tvvVz8BWpvMJyQ6
8 Rejuvenating Teacher Education in
context to NEP 2020
02.03.2024 to 15.03.2024 https://forms.gle/tpP8gkDjBpTorkVQ7

    (Hybrid Mode)

Sr. No. Short Term Course (S.T.C.) (One
each of One-week duration)
Tentative Schedule* Link of the Programme
1. Entrepreneurship and leadership
Postponed https://forms.gle/9Enu4eTDu1TtDYFp6
2. Water management and Tradition
Knowledge System
Postponed https://forms.gle/t3SGFE3yeUfTxxh29
3. Cyber Crime /Cyber security &
Cyber Law
14.11.2023 to 20.11.2023 https://forms.gle/EiG7xhwVP58yAZwQ6
4. Software Packages for Data Analysis 01.12.2023 to 07.12.2023 https://forms.gle/tLa8Fza8Jkbp4RJV7
  • Monthly Workshops on National Education Policy 2020 under Relevant Components

   Academic Bank of Credit (ABC)
 Internationalization of Higher Education
 Twinning / Dual / Joint Degrees
 NAS/Digilocker
 Multidisciplinary
 Multiple entry and exit
 Digital Governance
 Pursuing two academic programmes simultaneously
 Good Academic Research Practices/ Academic Research Integrity
 Educational Framework for Global Citizenship in Higher Education
 Artificial Intelligence
To be announced Shortly
(for update see the website)

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  • Interested participants may apply online for the above mentioned courses by registering on the Registration links mentioned against each programme
  • The registration fee for the courses in Rs. 1000/- to be paid by online mode. Registration fee for payment details:

Name of Account Holder: Director, UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Allahabad

 Account number : 32778980203
Bank Name : State Bank of India
Branch Name: Allahabad University
IFSC : SBIN0001621

  • Requirements for the programme: Desktop / Laptop with good Internet Speed and Necessary data pack & functional webcam, microphone and headphones.
  • All the applicants requested to adhere to the eligibility criteria as per UGC norms for getting registered in the desired course. Non-eligible cases will be eliminated after screening by the UGC-HRDC.

(Prof. Ashish Saxena)
University of Allahabad
Contact Details of Office
Mobile: 7905160674 (Mr. Tej Narayan Choudhry)