Food and Nutrition Sciences are the sciences of the 21st century. The need is to have a multi-disciplinary focus on food. This was achieved by creation of Centre of Food T echnology under Institute of Professional Studies. Centre of Food Technology (CFT) has taken a holistic view of manpower planning in food industry. The vision encompasses food science, food production, food processing, food technology, food safety, food management, entrepreneurship development, food processing and rural development; agriculture and industry linkage through food processing, quality assurance for safe food, research and development on functional foods. M.Sc. in Food Technology programme was initiated in July 2002. This was facilitated by a grant from Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India under its "Manpower Development Programme". Ours is the only centre in the University, to offer two M.Sc. programmes: M.Sc. in Nutritional Science and M.Sc. in Food Technology.

The centre has adequate facilities in terms of infrastructure and well equipped laboratories. With the support from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MFPI) and the University Grants Commission, the following labs have been setup:


  1. Teaching Lab - I
  2. Teaching Lab - II
  3. Instrumentation Lab
  4. Food Microbiology Lab
  5. Food Analysis & Research Lab
  6. Research Lab
  7. Modern Kitchen
  8. Fruits and Vegetable Processing Pilot Plant.
  9. Processing Lab.
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