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Agro-Economic Research Centre


Agro-Economic Research Centre, Prayagraj

The Agro-Economic Research Centre (AERC) was established on November 16, 1963, in the University of Allahabad by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ welfare, Government of India. This being one of the 12 AER Centers established by the Government of India has worked its way through duties, responsibilities, achievements and challenges.

The Centre was established in order to fulfil the following objectives:
  • 1) To carry on research on fundamental problems relating to agricultural economy of India.
  • 2) To conduct adhoc investigations in the areas that requires specific attention by the Government of India.
  • 3) To give technical advice to the Government of India and State Government of Uttar Pradesh in matters pertaining to the 75 districts which are to be covered and assessed in the field of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India has, since then, modified the previous objectives in the following manner :
  • 1) To create a network for applied researches, on continuous basis, on specified Agro-Economic Problems, which are of interest to the Govt. of India and the State Govt.
  • 2) To have constant interaction with Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmer’s Welfare, Govt. of India, for identifying and undertaking research studies on emerging problems.
  • 3) To study the impact of various programmes for the development of Agriculture and Allied Sectors.
  • Inception and Evolution of AER Centres.
  • The idea and planning to establish a research centre that will facilitate in agricultural transformation and promote further improvement and upgradation in the field of applied researches and investigation can be traced back to the year 1952. This endeavour was first coined in Delhi which eventually expanded to several parts of the country. Currently there are 13 AER Centres functioning along with three Units i.e. IEG New Delhi, ADRT Bengaluru and IIM Ahmedabad for comprehensive problem oriented investigation and development.
  • Thus, since its inception the AERC has been discharging twin functions:

    i. To undertake Government Sponsored Research Projects either individually or in collaboration with other Centres to study the impact of an existing policy or to formulate new policy in the field of Agro-Economic Problems of the country.

    ii. To undertake such primary and field based Research Projects on agro-economic and allied problems of the country as are fully sponsored and funded by Semi-Government and Non-Government Agencies, Bodies and Organizations.

    What We Do?

    After coming into existence in 1963, the Agro-Economic Research Centre in Prayagraj has been engaged in various activities:

  • 1) The Agro-Economic Research Centre was declared a permanent research centre in the year 1990 by Ministry of Agriculture which expedited the reform and transformational functioning in the Uttar Pradesh area.
  • 2) The AERC acts as eyes and ears of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ welfare which is responsible for the formulation of economic policies of the country as well as respective states.
  • 3) The researches in this centre are empirical in nature and are conceived at the grass root level contributing towards the major objectives laid down by the Government.
  • Governing Body
    The AER Centre, Prayagraj is a fully funded Govt. of India scheme allotted to the University of Allahabad, Prayagraj. The Vice – Chancellor of the University is the Chairman of the Advisory Committee (A.C.)

    To look after the physical needs, progress of the studies and financial problems of the AERC there is an Advisory Body, the composition of which is as follows:

    S.No. Name of Member(s) Designation
    I Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of the University Chairman
    II Economic and Statistical Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India or his nominee Member
    III Joint Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India or his nominee Member
    IV Financial Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India or his nominee Member
    V Finance Officer of the University Member
    VI Registrar of the University Member
    VII Director, AERC Convenor
    VIII One Representative from Research Staff of the AERC Member
    IX One Representative from Administrative Staff of the AERC Member
    X Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Allahabad Convenor
    XI Two experts; one each from the disciplines of Economics and Agricultural Economics Member