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University of Allahabad University of Allahabad
Established in 1872 and situated in the Muir Central College Campus, the Department of Mathematics, Univers ity of Allahabad, is one amongst the oldest and prominent departments of mathematics of Indian Universities. The department has produced several researchers of eminence with great scholarship of creative values in different fields of the subject. The department had collaboration with the University of Leningrad under In do-USSR program and remained under the special assistance program of the UGC for two terms in the recent past.
The department is well known for its contributions in the fields of Analysis, Topology, Algebra, Geometry, Fluid Mechanics, Differential Equations and Mathematical Ecology.  The department offers courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees and has doctoral programs leading to the D.Phil. and D.Sc. degrees.


The department gives emphasis on trying and developing non­routine problems which besides providing an opportunity to generate power for voluntary thinking, brings in a student the desirable mental habits such as precision, ability to concentrate and handle abstract concepts. With the mission in hand to create a second line of people capable with competence to bear responsibilities in future, the department frequently organizes specific seminars, symposia and Conferences aimed at  offering significant and landmark results of value and potential for future work to our students and faculty which, in turn, raises the standard of teaching and education of the subject and prepares them to be capable to collaborate with various other centers of excellence in the country and abroad. The topics on which seminars are being conducted at present by the de partment include Coxeter groups, Chevalley groups, Geometric group Theory, Representation Theory of compact groups, Small Cancellation theory, Differential geometry, Mathematical ecology, Harmonic analysis, Wavelet analysis and Dynamical systems.