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The Statistics Wing of University of Allahabad came into existence in 1968 as a part of the Department of Mathematics which was established in 1872 and situated in the Muir Central College Campus. The Wing really became functional with the appointment of three regular teachers in 1974 under the leadership of outstanding statistician and researcher in the field of Bayesian Reliability Analysis, Professor Samir K. Bhattacharya. Professor Bhattacharya was the first Professor of Statistics, who became the Head of combined Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the year 1989 and continued till 1995 (till his death). During the period, Statistics gained a substantial height with the support from other faculty members Prof. Ram C. Tiwari (1974-1984), Prof. G. S. Pandey (1974-2013) and Prof. Anoop Chaturvedi (1981-2019). On August 21, 2000, the department was separated from Mathematics with Dr. G.S. Pandey was the first Head of Department of Statistics and Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi and Dr. S. Lalitha as other faculty members.

The department also attained the research calibre by the effort of Prof. Anoop Chaturvedi. As a result, many research projects including (i) Control Charts for Auto correlated Observations on Grid (ii) Sustainable Development: A Mathematical Model (iii) Joint Big Data project could be successfully completed. Dr. Pramendra Singh Pundir with Dr. Anup Kumar (till 2017) had joined the department in July 2013. In April 2022, Dr. Girish Chandra, Dr. G. Madhu Sudan, Dr. Abhay Pratap Pandey, Dr. Priyanka Singh, and Dr. Prashant Verma joined the Department of Statistics of Allahabad. Presently, this is the first time in history when there are six teachers in the Department of Statistics.

The Department offers courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees and has a Doctoral programme leading to the Ph.D. degree. The UG and PG students are provided a broad foundation and training in statistical theory and applications. Such training has enabled them to earn jobs in government including civil services, Indian Statistical Services etc., all branches of industry, and academia. The Department has a well-equipped computer laboratory with modern computing facilities. The students are provided rigorous training of statistical computing and various statistical software.

The Department provides research in the areas of survey sampling, reliability theory, econometrics, Bayesian statistics, time series, order statistics, sequential analysis, survival analysis, mathematical demography and stochastic modelling. The Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science is also contributing and helping to other interdisciplinary branches as per the needs of their research.

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