Head, Department of Philosophy, AU:
34th National Conference of the Darshan Parishad (May 5-6, 2019) Sponsored by Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi
The Department of Philosophy, University of Allahabad has organised Two Days National Conference of the 34th Session of the Uttar Bharat Darshan Parishad during May 5-6, 2019 which was sponsored by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. Prof. H.S.Upadhyaya, General Secretary of the Parishad, cordially welcomed the Guests, delegates and participants. Prof. Sabhajeet Mishra, the President of the Parishad advocated that the chief aim of the Parishad is to spread and propagate philosophy as well as inculcate moral values across the world. This is possible if and only if philosophy is introduced at school and intermediate levels of education as a compulsory component. The general body of the Parishad also unanimously agreed on this issue and further resolved to take necessary steps for its execution.
Prof. Gayatri Sinha, Head, Department of Philosophy, University of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh delivered the presidential address. She said that Upanisadic wisdom represents a unique blend of science and spirituality. Science and Spirituality are not opposed but complementary to each other, since the goal of both is man-making. Prof. Hari Ram Mishra, Department of Sanskrit, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, was the chief guest of the Parishad. He contended that Indian spirituality is a science by itself whose main task is to prevail peace in the lives of all. One of the greatest contributions of Indian spiritual science is the most popular holistic health therapy called Yoga.
Prof. K.S.Mishra, Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Allahabad presided over the inaugural session. He stated that science is verifiable while spirituality is not. This is because spirituality is a matter of subjective experience. However, it is spirituality, not science, which paves the path to ultimate reality. Two endowment lectures were delivered. The Devatma Lecture was delivered by Dr. Shiv Bhanu Singh, Ewing Christian College, Prayagraj. Professor Sangam Lal Pandey Lecture was delivered by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Shukla, Ewing Christian College, Prayagraj. Besides, 34 research papers were presented by teachers and research scholars hailing from across the country in the Parishad.
A formal vote of thanks was proposed by Dr.K.Bhima Kumar while Prof. Debashis Guha anchored in the inaugural session. Proceedings were presented by Dr. Surya Kant Maharana in the Valedictory session which was chaired by Prof. R.C.Sinha, Chairman, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi. Prof. H.S.Upadhayaya proposed a formal vote of thanks while Prof. Rishi Kant Pandey anchored in the valedictory session. At the end, the General – Body Meeting was convened.