The University has two long-established active NCC Units, namely the No. 2 U. P. Artillery Battery and the Naval Wing. The Units are commanded by Col. M. M. Joshi, and provide NCC training exclusively to the students of the University, under the supervision of faculty members appointed as Associate NCC Officers, and with the help of serving defence personnel.  The Units are located in the NCC Group Headquarters complex in the Chatham Lines Campus of the University. The Associate NCC Officers from the faculty are Capt. (Dr) H. K. Singh  (Department of Commerce and Business Administration) for the No. 2 U. P. Artillery Battery and Lt. (Dr) Prashant K. Ghosh  (Department of Economics) for the Naval Wing. Apart from regular training parades held on Sundays, which include classes on different topics of relevance to Army/Navy duties/skills, the Cadets attend NCC Camps for centralized training with their counterparts from other institutions. The Units prepare them for taking up the higher N. C. C. Certificate Examinations. The Cadets are also given opportunities for attachment with regular Army or Navy Units (as the case may be) for specialized training and actual experience of field conditions. NCC Cadets are also groomed for assisting the administration in the proper and orderly conduct of special events and in relief work in civic emergencies. The Units also present brief programmes during the Republic and Independence Day Celebrations, and on special occasions such as the NCC Day, to provide vignettes of the actual field operations of the Defence Forces. A summary of the work and achievements of the two Units is as follows:


(1) No. 2 UP Artillery Battery

The Unit came into existence in 1952 and has many achievements to its credit. It has been inspected by numerous dignitaries, including late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. The Unit is designed to provide specialised training in the handling and operation of artillery guns, and enrols undergraduate students up to the maximum strength of 200. The cadets are also attached to Army units for training. A large number of cadets have been regularly participating in Republic Day parades and contingents and winning prizes. Cadet Rajendra Kumar participated in the Republic Day Parade 2000 and Cadet Mayank Singh in the Republic Day Parade 2001.
(2) Naval Wing

The Unit was set up more than 45 years ago and has earned recognition for the attainments of its Cadets. The Unit enrols up to 40 graduate students as Cadets, and trains them in basic military and Naval skills. Several Cadets have participated in Republic Day Parades and Camps as well as in Regional and National Naval NCC Competitions, and have won Medals or Positions.

The syllabi have several curricular/co-curricular components aimed at promoting self-confidence and self-reliance in students. The general corporate life of the University and specific avenues for structured extra-curricular activities help the all-round personality development of students.

Activities / Achivements:

31 July 2018

  • Outstanding Performance by Naval Wing NCC. Allahabad University
Sr. No Name Rank Events Remarks
(a) Vijendra Kumar Maurya                                SCC Best Cadets in Allahabad group                                           2nd Position
(b) Priyanka  Shukla JCC AIATC Camp at INA  Ezimala Gold medal in All India Naval Camp for Solo Dacning & Singing. She was adjudged as the most upcoming talented SW cadet in the said camp
(c) Lavelesh Mishra SCC RDC 2017 Youth Exchange Program Bangladesh
(d) Adarsh Pratap Singh SCC RDC 2017 Governor's Gold Medal in best cadet during RDC 2017
(e) Subhrangi Yadav SCC RDC 2017 Governor's Silver Medal for Ship's modeling during RDC 2017
(f) Utkarsh Pandey SCC NSC 2017 & RDC-18

i) 3rd in Best Cadet competition during AINSC-2017

ii) Guard of Honor RDC-2018

iii) Selected for International Cruise with Indian Navy

iv) Youth exchange program

(g) Sudha Kumari JCC RDC-18

i) Rajpath during RDC 2018

ii) Youth exchange program

(h) Aman Soni PO CDT RDC -18

i) Gold Medal in ship Modeling during RDC 2018

ii) Bronze Medal in Sailing Model during RDC 2018

i) Anshika singh JCC RDC-18 i) Gold Medal in ship Modeling during RDC 2018

ii) Bronze Medal in Sailing Model during RDC 2018


  • Firing was conducted throughout the session regularly and all SDs (male cadets senior division) and SWs (female cadets senior division) participated. Various camps were also organized.
Enrollment and Examination:

During 2013-2014, 25 new cadets (17 SDs and 08 SWs) were enrolled in 1st year. From session 2013-2014 NCC has become a 3 year course. Earlier it was a 2 year course and the final year Batch of that course were trained to appear in ‘C’ certificate examination. 20 out of 21 final year cadets appeared in ‘C’ certificate examination. 05 cadets failed in the examination.