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Message of Hon'ble VC on the occasion of Teacher's Day


Dear Colleagues,

We as teachers will have an impact on tomorrow’s world, through our students. A teacher is one who always lives in the hearts of students. It is only he / she who shapes the rest of their lives. Sometimes we as teachers have to be very tough on students while giving deadlines and assignments. We also have to put pressures on them for finishing deadlines and performing on discussions in the classroom. It is a mammoth task of shaping personalities of today’s youth that rests on our shoulders. We are nicknamed and hated for all this, that we do to them.

It is much later in life that the student realises that all that moulding and shaping was for his own benefit. We work uncaring about our reputation in their eyes.

Yet an informative lecture given in the most simple words is something that touches every heart. Bringing forth the most complicated topics in most simple understandable words, is where our genius lies.

All of us are shaping tomorrow. We in the University are the light house which should illuminate not only the students but also the community around us. We are the reservoirs of new knowledge.

Whatever cutting edge research is done by us, we must share by means of news papers and social media. Our endeavour should always be to make the community a better place to live in .

We are continuously evolving, old customs, old knowledge old beliefs also needs to stand on new pillars of new knowledge and the common man should know about it.

We all must share our knowledge, for the holistic development of the students and the community. Wishing all of you success in your work and also wishing all of you a very happy teachers day.

- Prof. Sangita Srivastava, Vice-Chancellor University of Allahabad