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University of Allahabad University of Allahabad

Dear Allahabad University Fraternity,

           The fourth oldest university of the country, established in the year 1887, is acclaimed for its outstanding contribution in nation building. The product of the university has given its best in all sectors and units of the country and abroad – be it the field of politics, administration, teaching, management, law, science, technology and research including defence research, etc. The University in these almost 133 years has produced many great noble souls.

Any university is a typical industry. The input is a sophomore – a fresh student coming out of the college – who is bubbling with energy and has a desire to contribute his/her best to the society and the output is a thoughtful and knowledgeable person who may contribute his best for the development of the society and the nation. The four processing engines are its past students, the teachers, the support staff and the administration. Each one has its own meaningful role to play in molding young minds for the expected best output. The most important engine of this system is the student. They have to realize that the university is meant for them. They have to see that there is peace and calm in the entire campus of the university so that the teaching goes on well and there is no chaos anywhere. The university desires to give wings to the dreams of the students. The students have to be passionate about their dream to make the society proud of their achievements.

I expect the parents to keep a track of their ward’s progress, reminding them to remain focused on their set goal and inculcating in them a sense of responsibility. They need to motivate them to work extremely hard for a greater cause in life.

I acknowledge the contribution of all the alumni who have made an indelible mark wherever they reached or are there because of which the university is known as the Oxford of the East. We request our alumni to provide fruitful and positive suggestions for the betterment of the university and urge everyone to join us in fostering a healthy and peaceful atmosphere not only in the university campus but the campus of all the constituent colleges as well.

We have a gigantic task of employing higher education as a means of attaining peace so that we may provide development in all the sectors. This shall be possible only when each one of us is not only aware of one’s right but one’s duty as well. One has to give one’s everything for the progress and betterment of the university. 

We have to expand our wings for a much wider reach in the society so that we may provide the best human resource to the society but for that we have to have a sound and firm footing first. First and foremost is to create a conducive environment for all our faculties, students and the support staff. Only then we should expect the best outcome from them.

I am sure that once we all realize well what our duties are and make a focused and concerted effort to realize the goal that we set, we shall not only be able to achieve it but shall go far beyond that.

With all best wishes to every member of the University family.

Prof. R. R. Tewari

Vice Chancellor