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Corporate Social Responsibility Cell (CSR)

About Corporate Social Responsibility Cell

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

― Barack Obama

“Together we can make a positive change in the society.”


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the initiative taken by the corporate giants to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business practices. It is a way through which a company/corporate contributes towards economic, environmental and social development that brings positive impact on society at large. University of Allahabad believes that “Together we can make a positive change in the society”, and thus invites corporate/companies to be an agent of such social change. Corporate/companies can now explore various possibilities of contributing towards the positive societal impact at the Institute.


• Our prestigious infrastructure, facilities, teaching methodologies, and academic rigor make sure that the University of Allahabad retains a special place in the academic landscape of northern India and in the heart of those who live, study and teach here.


• The University of Allahabad's corporate social responsibility Cell allows the Industries to actively participate in student welfare program initiatives where they can contribute to the society. We allow corporate to serve the underprivileged section of society and enhance their quality of life.


• Being an educational establishment it has been our endeavor to improve the state of education. Apart from giving financial aid, we have been making constant efforts to educate people around us and make them aware of the various advancements in technology & research so as to empower them & make them self-reliant.